David J. Stewart Exposed! Exposing, in love, the ministry that is errant of J. Stewart.

David J. Stewart Exposed! Exposing, in love, the ministry that is errant of J. Stewart.

October 7, 2010

To those wondering when we’ve tried to contact David J. Stewart.

YES, we now have tried many times to contact him, of late on August 24, 2010, right after he posted a contact e-mail address on their internet site. He refuses to respond to emails, utilizing their wellness being reason behind maybe perhaps not being available via email. David claims that he’s in much discomfort and it is presently struggling to react to emails. He could be apparently good enough to update their internet site on an extremely constant foundation in his “Recent Articles” area. David additionally will not directly affirm or reject some of the information posted within our weblog. Alternatively, David J. Stewart simply quietly changed pages on their web web site to disguise proof that incriminates him.

David J. Stewart HAS responded, however, by formerly getting rid of particular content from their webpage that we utilized showing you that he’s deceiving people. If these plain things are not the case, he might make some type of declaration to refute that which we’ve presented right here. Alternatively, he chooses to get rid of evidence that incriminates him in hopes that everything we’ve uncovered will quietly disappear completely.

Nearly all e-mails we receive come from visitors who are able to demonstrably see David’s deception. You may still find those, nonetheless, that adamantly defend David’s character, whom believe David is a “sinner conserved by elegance”. They question or condemn the reason we have actually selected to reveal David’s sin. One point of the web log showing that David happens to be in no place become offering advice that is spiritual other people. Needless to say, David is really a sinner exactly like most of us are. That is comprehended. The issue listed here is that David lives in opposition from what he “teaches” on his internet site also to just bdsm date dating website just just what the Bible shows. He informs individuals to live one of the ways yet he’s got been doing the contrary and it is attempting to conceal that reality. David assaults a lot of people and ministries, frequently falsely, and depends on sensational conspiracy theories to attract people to their web web site.

David’s internet site is devoted to “exposing” sin while the general public people, ministers, and religious groups which he believes are committing those sins and deceiving the entire world. Many people whom protect David often reveal that he’s “exposing heresy and false faith. ” Whenever David “exposes” other people, he could be called “one associated with final staying bastions of decency and truth left in this globe. ” As soon as we reveal David’s heresy, we are falsely accused of:

  • Making all this up
  • Pretending to be David on different web web sites in order to make him look responsible.
  • Perhaps maybe Not David that is contacting regarding information posted right right right here.
  • Perhaps maybe maybe Not acknowledging the reality that David admits to being a “humble sinner”.
  • Being the national government trying to silence David.

It is amazing the reasons that individuals give to guard David J. Stewart’s sin and hypocrisy.

Because David J. Stewart chooses to rabidly and attack that is falsely, yet chooses to hide his or her own sin, we feel compelled by God to get you to alert to their hypocrisy in hopes that you’ll not be deceived.

We pray that David can come forward and repent of his sin. Doing this may end up in him losing a few of the big after their internet site has, nonetheless, the next Bible verse is smart counsel:

But Peter and also the other apostles answered and said: “We ought to rather obey God than guys. ” Acts 5:29

September 22, 2009

At the time of 9/21/09, in a reaction to the data we have published, David J. Stewart has started getting rid of or changing extremely information that is specific pages on their internet site, from their dating pages on a good amount of Fish, and differing other online pages that individuals have actually mentioned. The info eliminated or changed is information he has made, etc that we have used to prove David’s age in relation to the sexual conduct indictment, his location in Guam, contradictions.

Then why would David go through all of the trouble to change or remove the very specific information we’ve mentioned if none of the evidence we have presented to you is true, as some have claimed in an effort to defend David’s actions? Exactly just just What need will there be to eliminate this given information if he’s got absolutely nothing to conceal and it is being truthful? David J. Stewart is very very carefully and methodically wanting to hide this given information away from you.

No real matter what Dav The WayBack device when it comes to changed pages we’ve mentioned below. Just enter a typical page Address from David’s web web web site to the WayBack Machine search club, then return back prior to July 1, 2009 and you’ll discover the initial pages that are unaltered.

We shall now show we have pointed out in previous posts that he is covering his tracks to hide what. Remember that some screenshots show little boxes that are javascript explain to you the dates David final updated the pages.

David J. Stewart is hiding their genuine location.

David J. Stewart presently lives on Guam and it has since 2004. At the time of 9/21/09, he’s got eliminated these details from their internet site, the first relationship profile we pointed out, and from other public online reports.

Before 11, 2009, David’s site specifically said he lives on Guam july:

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